Urskog X Mander "Trollbunden"

Urskog X Mander "Trollbunden"


This is the Urskog Gren Jacaranda a double kicked 8,7" wide and 33,5" long skateboard cruiser perfect for all terrain skating.

Urskog has together with illustrator Martin Ander produced an engraved skateboard in limited edition of 25 copies. The engraving on the board is hand painted in waterbased black color prior to the third coating. With every board comes an engraved pencil case with three associated pencils. This to symbolize the sketch based foundation that both parts has built respective career on and still today rest against.

Martin 'Mander' Ander (born 1976) is an illustrator and graphic designer with roots in Stockholm's graffiti and skateboard culture. His graphic path stretches back to the beginning of the 90s and since 1999 graphic and illustration has been his profession. With tremendous detail and solid experience, Martin's illustrations have embellished everything from clothes, posters, record covers, and books to hundreds of skateboard graphics all over the world - all in a notable Mander style.

Limited Edition: 25pcs

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