When spending days and nights in front of your own work you can easily be blinded by your own creations. In Swedish there is a word for this called 'Hemmablind'. Basically it means you cant really appreciate nor se the shortcomings of your work. To let a new light shine on our 2017 years model Gren we let the Berlin based artist Mia Mujović capture what in her mind is the essance of the Gren.



"I wanted to create an intelectual conflict by putting the velvety smooth board in a messy, not really skateable area to force the beholder to think about what he/she is looking at and hopefully a new story behind the board and its use can take place".





"In retrospect, I can also feel sympathy with the board, the photos came to capture a loneliness and vulnerability rather than skateboarding. The board became a subject in an environment without the opportunity to interact."


Photographer: Mia / Chrononaut Photography    chrononautphotography.com

Urskog Longboard