Urskog has together with illustrator Martin Ander produced an engraved skateboard in limited edition of 25 copies. The engraving on the board is hand painted in waterbased black color prior to the third coating. With every board comes an engraved pencil case with three associated pencils. This to symbolize the sketch based foundation that both parts has built respective career on and still today rest against.


Martin 'Mander' Ander (born 1976) is an illustrator and graphic designer with roots in Stockholm's graffiti and skateboard culture. His graphic path stretches back to the beginning of the 90s and since 1999 graphic and illustration has been his profession. With tremendous detail and solid experience, Martin's illustrations have embellished everything from clothes, posters, record covers, and books to hundreds of skateboard graphics all over the world - all in a notable Mander style.

Urskog Longboard

When spending days and nights in front of your own work you can easily be blinded by your own creations. In Swedish there is a word for this called 'Hemmablind'. Basically it means you cant really appreciate nor se the shortcomings of your work. To let a new light shine on our 2017 years model Gren we let the Berlin based artist Mia Mujović capture what in her mind is the essance of the Gren.



"I wanted to create an intelectual conflict by putting the velvety smooth board in a messy, not really skateable area to force the beholder to think about what he/she is looking at and hopefully a new story behind the board and its use can take place".





"In retrospect, I can also feel sympathy with the board, the photos came to capture a loneliness and vulnerability rather than skateboarding. The board became a subject in an environment without the opportunity to interact."


Photographer: Mia / Chrononaut Photography

Urskog Longboard
Mr Ben Brown X Urskog

Ben Brown for Urskog.

Our daily life is documented in different ways and peopleoften choose to observe it through the phenomenon YouTube. Over the years, Urskog has made various appearances on this platform, but never coming close to gaining the same success as a man named Ben Brown.

Mr. Brown’s channel has thousands of faithful followers and Urskog had the privilege to be a part of it in May 2014. Ben visited our Pop up in Boxpark, Shoreditch, in central London and shortly after he uploaded a visual note of our mini cruiser board Frö. Along with his love for this board, Ben chose to tell a few things about Urskog and the work we do. We feel thankful and excited about Ben's commitment, which is why we have chosen to thank Ben Brown with his own and unique Frö-model.

Urskog has chosen to reflect on contemporary life through different wood veneers. These veneers are, in different ways, coloured by nature. Thus reflect the past years during which the trees have grown. We truly believe in this conception, which is why we don't work with graphics on our boards.

Ben´s Frö comes in our best-selling veneer – Rosewood. The stamp has been replaced by an engraving containing Urskog and Mr Ben Brown in collaboration. And as always, a thorough final quality check on Södermalm in Stockholm. 

Thanks for the heartfelt collaboration Ben.

Limited edition: 100 pieces, signed and numbered.

Follow Ben´s adventure:   or

Urskog Longboard
G-Eazy & Kehlani Live at Urskog

Live performance for strictly invites by Sony Music at Urskog in the heart of Stockholm.

 The American Rap-artist G-Eazy came to Sweden the 26th of november in conjunction with the release of his album ” When It´s Dark Out”. During his visit in Sweden he made an exclusive performance in Stockholm at Urskog. Supporting act was another talented artist called Kehlani. Both of the performances was highly appreciated and we recommend you to keep track of these talents in the future. Thanks for letting us be involved.

Urskog Longboard
VANS Syndicate - Harmony Korine at Urskog Showroom

Harmony Korine x Vans Syndicate. Skate – Drinks – Food and Music on Södermalm in Stockholm to celebrate the writer of cult film "Kids". 

We were pleased to announce the launch of Harmony Korine x Vans Syndicate project 028. Gaining fame as the teenage write to cult classic film Kids, Harmony continues to write, direct and produce a growing body of influential films, books and works of fine art.
Vans invited family and friends to celebrate the collaboration with Skate – Drinks – Food and Music on Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden on March 21st, 2015.

Urskog Longboard